Partial List of the Deaths linked to Scientology

Lisa McPherson

When Lisa McPherson died, Scientology had held her against her will for 17 days. During that time, she tried to leave, became violent, and refused to eat. At the time of her death, she had bruises and abrasions on her body, and she had lost over 30 pounds in just 17 days.

Heribert Pfaff (31)

Heribert Pfaff died during the night from an epileptic seizure. He hit his head on his bedside table. His Scientologist doctor had been treating his epilepsy with vitamins.

Josephus Havenith (45)

Josephus Havenith died at the Church of Scientology's Fort Harrison Hotel in a bathtub filled with water so hot it had burned his skin off. An autopsy report lists his death as "probable drowning" but notes that his head was not underwater.

Noah Lottick (24)

Noah Antrim Lottick jumped to his death from a New York City hotel clutching $171, virtually the only money he had not yet turned over to Scientology.

Stacy Meyer (21)

The daughter of Scientology in-house lawyer Kendrick Moxon, Stacy Meyer died in an underground transformer vault at a Church of Scientology film studio in San Jacinto, CA. How and why Meyer went into the vault remains unknown.

Susan Meister (23)

A crew member on the Scientology ship Apollo, Susan Meister was found in a locked cabin with a bullet hole in the center of her forehead and a long-barreled revolver on her chest. When her father questioned Scientology's official explanation of her death, the Apollo's port captain stated that "he had enough material, including compromising photographs of Miss Meister, to smear Mr. Meister first."

Roberto Deplano (20)

On February 18, 1997, Roberto Deplano, an Italian Scientologist, jumped to his death from his bedroom window. Giorgio Carta, Roberto's cousin and a Scientology church official, had been extorting large sums of money from Roberto, threatening to reveal confidential information from Roberto's auditing sessions (similar to confessionals).

Paride Ella (22)

Paride Ella, a patient at a Narconon (Scientology drug rehabilitation) center in Lombardy, Italy, died after five days of diarrhea and vomiting.

Giuseppe Tomba (26)

Giuseppe Tomba, a patient at a Narconon (Scientology drug rehabilitation) center in Lombardy, Italy, died of a heart attack. His symptoms were similar to those of Paride Ella, and the two died within days of each other.

Quentin Hubbard (22)

The son of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, Quentin was found unconscious in a car next to the Las Vegas airport and eventually died of carbon monoxide poisoning. A hose connected the exhaust pipe to the window, making Quentin's death a probable suicide.

John Buchanan
?-May 1994

John Buchanan, a Scottish landscape gardener working in Germany, was
recruited by the Church of Scientology in Munich, accrued huge debts to several Munich banks to buy courses and materials, and committed suicide in May 1994 to escape his debts.

Richard Collins (24)
?-August 1996

When Richard Collins tried to quit the Church of Scientology, the Church bombarded his home and work with letters and phone calls. Days later, Richard committed suicide by jumping off a suspension bridge.

Patrice Vic (31)
?-March 1988

The Church of Scientology pressured Patrice Vic to come up with $6,000 for a "purification treatment." A court ruled that he was subjected to "psychological torture" and saw suicide as his only escape. He jumped out a window to his death.

Rodney Rimando (21)
1965-November 25, 1986

Rodney fell to his death from the sixth floor of the Church of Scientology in Hollywood, California. His suicide note referenced a "wife"; Rodney was single. The Church of Scientology denied that Rodney was a member, but in Rodney's wallet at the time of his death was a valid Church of Scientology membership card.

Pius Keel (22)
?-Sept. 14, 1990

Deep in debt to Narconon in Germany, Pius threw himself under a train.

Jocelyne Dorfmann (34)

Jocelyne died of apparent epileptic seizures whilst undergoing Narconon treatment in France.

Elli Perkins (54)
?-March 14, 2003

Elli Perkins was stabbed to death by her 28-year-old schizophrenic son, Jeremy. Jeremy was mentally disturbed but only received help in the form of vitamins and herbs, as per Scientolgy doctrine.

Arthur Don Beals
?-March 15, 1989

Arthur Beals was stabbed to death by his son Gary. Gary reported hearing voices for two years prior to his father's death but claimed that he was talked out of receiving psychiatric care by Church of Scientology officials.

Dr. Rudolf Willems

A German businessman and IAS patron, Willems donated millions to the Church of Scientology. Willems shot himself when his company went bankrupt.

John Colletto
?-August 1978  

Scientology declared John Colletto a "suppressive person" and sent him to their Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF). His wife, Diane, was ordered to divorce him and to have no further contact with him. Colletto later escaped the RPF, murdered his wife, and then committed suicide.

Diane Colletto
?-August 1978

Scientology declared Diane Colletto's husband John a "suppressive person" and sent him to their Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF). Diane was ordered to divorce her husband and to have no further contact with him. Colletto later escaped the RPF, murdered Diane, and then committed suicide.

Margarit Winkelmann (51)

Margarit Winkelmann drowned herself after her belief in Scientology led her to stop taking the lithium prescribed by her psychiatrist.