Our History

Atlanta Anonymous has a proud history of protesting the cult of Scientology. Although protests against Scientology did exist before Anonymous took interest in the cult, the explosion of new recruits since 2008 has greatly impacted the anti-Scientology movement. Atlanta has participated in monthly global protests since Feb of 2008. Not content with just protesting Scientology, Atlanta held the first protest against Narconon, one of scientologies front groups. Atlanta Anonymous has also protested CCHR’s Traveling Exhibit of Death and helped to have Applied Scholastic removed from the recommended list of approved tutors. Currently, a lawsuit involving Scientology VS the City of Sandy Springs, GA over a rezoning issue and Narconon of Ga is the defendent in a wrongful death lawsuit. Although we have made huge progress our work is not done. We invite you to join us in making history.

Who Are We

Anonymous is a leaderless, worldwide collective comprised of activists, hackers, and other everyday people who have come together with the intention of dismantling the Church of Scientology. Anonymous protests against this cult are not aimed at individual Scientologists, nor Scientology as a system of beliefs, but rather at a criminal organization that operates under the pretense of a religion.

Anonymous is everyone and no one.

Anonymous is legion.

Anonymous does not forgive.

Anonymous does not forget. Expect us.

United as one. Divided by zero